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Engineer by day, tinkerer by night. I enjoy STEM enough to call it my hobby. From that there's occasionally a useful result that helps me or someone else, this website is one of those things. It started as a wrapper for DuckDuckGo, later got a second page of interesting and/or useful hyperlinks, then even later got this page. Admittedly, the vast majority of my server's functions are invisible to the casual web surfer, but some of the functions are showcased in the crowdsourcing category.

This website was written using gedit and nano, it has taken quite a bit of work since 2020 building this by hand. Much like bakers pride themselves in making cakes from scratch, I too take pride in this site. There're pros and cons to doing it by hand; the pages do load fast and consume minimal resources, but there's a fair amount of eye candy and presumably some cross compatibility missing.

The homepage has an easter egg of sorts, see if you can find it; if you give up here's where it is: Checkout the eggplant in the corner of the homepage, click it to see what it has to say. Refresh the homepage and the message will change. There's currently 690 phrases so you could spend quite a while reading. Any idea how many refreshes it will likely take to see every message at least once? Turns out this is known as the coupon collector's problem; the answer is 4909 refreshes.

A somewhat hidden secondary feature of the homepage is you can help protect Tor users from surveillance by clicking the snowflake under the search box. You may also access this site via Tor at: spacegun66hp...remduryd.onion if you're a user of Tor yourself.

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